About Us

We’re no strangers to sofas—in fact, we’ve been building some of your favorite pieces for decades. Our experienced team and reliable furniture manufacturer have hundreds of years of combined experience building high quality furniture.

If your kids are like ours, you know that hard edges are a hard no, and that playtime is as sacred as the books you read before bed. So say sayonara to great aunt Mildred’s antique settee. With little ones in mind, we designed a sofa that looks good and feels good at a fraction of the cost in a store. 

It’s a sofa with sleek versatility that transforms from centerpiece to obstacle course in a snap. It’s a sofa that encourages play and makes spilled milk disappear without the tears. It’s where luxe meets lunchbox. It’s a lounger, a sleepover solution, a movie night necessity and beyond. From the chaise to the standalone chair, it’s a whole sofa solar system of the softest, snuggle-worthy stuff out there. It’s a sofa made to grow with families and feel like home.

The Foam Party elevates your playroom and celebrates modern style. Can it withstand the imagination of a four-year old? Fort yes it can.