Blake & The Foam Party

In 2011, a group of friends made a big plan to get together for my, The Foam Party Sofa Founder's, 31st birthday.  We had a private roof deck in Florida, music, BBQ and tons of sunshine for the celebration. It was only natural that we needed something outrageous and fun to make the party memorable... cue a sea of chest high bubbles overflowing from the roof onto the street below. A foam party seemed 100% necessary! I was ecstatic that my best friend, Blake, made the trip in from Memphis to throw me this party. The party was epic and our friends still reminisce about it all the time.  

In early 2012, Blake was diagnosed with a rare form of non-small cell lung cancer (ALK factor). He battled this disease with a smile on his face and fought hard, but it took his life later that year. The whole time Blake was undergoing treatment, he kept his head high and lived his life with his usual good-natured, positive free-spirited attitude. Today, modern therapies have drastically improved and his condition is now more treatable, with significant breakthroughs becoming available just after he passed. In a tribute to Blake, his fun-loving spirit, and the great party he threw for me, we named this new concept "The Foam Party Sofa." The sofa is also made out of foam, so the name is very fitting. Our leading configuration was dubbed "The Blake Style" because of its colorful touch of attitude and uniqueness, that best embodied Blake!

Lastly to honor our friend, a percentage of the The Foam Party Sofa profits will go to cancer patient assistance at West Cancer Foundation in Memphis, where Blake received support during his battle. West is making effective treatments and therapies more readily available to all… and so, this is how we keep the party going! 

Photo Taken By David Oppenheimer.